About Me

Kevin PolleyHi! I’m Kevin Polley, I work with The Web and I have been since 1999.

I help people to understand the mysteries and arcane dark arts of “The Web” and “Tech” and then to simplify processes and “Apps & Software” and “Data and Hosting” so that those business owners can generate income and improve R.O.I. quicker and more effectively.

I love being able to help people who have the drive to succeed plus the time &/or the money to “make ‘it’ happen” … and these days I can do it and have enough quality time to spend with my family.  I’m also one of the guys that some people can call if and when shits happens. “Kev might know a quick fix!”

How do I do what I do?

I ask them questions, I discover, I learn. I show them how it all plugs together and offer choices. I help people to make whatever their ‘online it’ is (or their side-gig), work well or better for them or their business.

I do that using well established and cutting edge services and web technologies related to email marketing,  data (Schema.org, JSON-LD), and other digital marketing messaging channels. And there’s also all that knowledge.

What is it that I do?

What I do is not design or website design, it’s not networks or networking. It’s not ecommerce. It’s not marketing or search (as in SEO) and it’s not social media optimization either.

It’s not doing your research or analysis, your advertising, or consulting or any one thing. 

What I do is help people to understand, shape, mould & bring together all of the above in to a manageable “Ecom Type Web Engine Thingy” that is suited to and works for them.

Things I do help people save time or it makes it possible for them to get paid more, more regularly but hopefully both.

What I do is natural, logical, ethical, sustainable and it works.

I work really well with people who know there are no short cuts, no magic bullets and no secret strategies (that said … we all have few special tweaks we keep secret and use only in our advanced strategies and plans, right?).

Humour or not? … who knows

Thanks to the world we live in, it’s sad (but sensible according to advice I’ve had) that the next thing I should probably let you know is;

“anything I say or write here on this blog is generally a personal observation.  My views may or may not be representative of any of the companies and people I work for or with.”

Somethings are (at least to me) common sense …

If I want to say someone, something or a product is totally shit or express a view that this or that is total bollocks – in my own personal space and in my time – and it touches a nerve and it factual and truthful … then maybe it needed to be said.

So what’s more important than money?

Family,  Our Planet and Simple Values!

I’m a proud dad, a lucky husband and I believe in taking a sustainable or eco-friendly option wherever possible when that option is affordable.

I think we should all go out of our way to tell our elected leaders to stop faffing about ‘negotiating‘ ‘and just talking about change. They need to start actually doing lots of constructive things to conserve what we have left of the planet.  That way any grandchildren I may have might stand a much better chance than they do if we all carry on the way we are.

‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ still go a long way in my book and ‘Sorry’ if you really mean it can actually mean something.

What do I think about banks?

IMO the marketers that sold the dream of ‘Have now, Pay later’ were a dangerous geniuses.  Debt is bad in my book.  I’ve fallen in to and been dragged to the bottom of the debt trap.  It’s not a nice place and I was lucky I was able to claw my way out.

Banks are not in my friends list.

What about rules and regulations?

Honestly? … Sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness and sometimes the regs are there for good reason. 

Illegal is illegal but sometimes bending a rule or throwing out old conventions to rewrite the “rule-book” will make good business sense.  You should always be testing, right?

What do I think about religion?

My ‘church’ is in my heart, I know what’s right and wrong in part thanks to my Mum and Dad and their parents. We all need to have something to believe in. We’re all humans, we’ve only got one planet. Religion is not a barrier to success or friendship. Let’s respect each other.

What do I think about politicians?

I think the people of Ukraine electing a comedian as their Prime Minister speaks volumes.  It seems that everyone wants more action and less talking from their politicians. I know I do.

Bit of Background and Stuff

I was born in Britain’s oldest recorded town, Colchester (now thanks to a ‘well meaning’ councillor, they have rebranded it England’s First City). 

I was bought up in the Essex seaside town of Clacton and I now live in rural Sudbury which is on the Essex/Suffolk border.

I was earning more than my parents before I was 18 but I didn’t know and understand how special that was (and I didn’t save like I could have and should have).

I bought my first house when I was 18. I set up my first ‘real’ business when I was 18.

I could (and still can) turn my hand to pretty much anything to pay the bills (but I don’t think I could be a labourer and hod carrier again). Versatility, flexibility and adaptability were and are my greatest skills.

I’ve had it all and lost it all and a little bit more but I recovered. My younger self learnt from my mistakes which made things easier later. I got great help and advice which I followed second time around .. just sayin’
I set up a hosting service company in 2000.
I formed Mutual Advantage Ltd in 2005. The company bought arpReach email marketing software in 2015 and I set up the email verification service arpVerify.
A year later we added LeadCapture.Tools as a stand-alone service. Throughout, the company has been going from strength to strength.

I’ve also taught and trained people, spoken at seminars and events, online and off. I can help you bring together the various aspects of digital marketing in a very structured and financially sensible way.

Feel free to reach out.