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Thank You – There’s one more quick & simple step …

It’s Important You Read This: Here’s what happens next (and why it’s important to both of us).

Kevin Polley

Hi, Kevin here.

The details you just gave me have been added to my delivery system which is ready to give you access to what you’ve just asked for.

The system has sent you an opt-in confirmation email. This email has a confirmation link in it that you must click. Until you click that link I can’t begin sending you what you’ve asked for.

The subject line is: “Action needed – Please confirm your email

BTW – Look in your spam folder if you don’t get the email within 5 minutes (or 15 mins if you use Outlook).

Why have I set it up like this?It’s Odd but True:

Your email company (Gmail, Outlook, whoever) have ‘spam protection’ algorithms that might decide that my emails are ‘different’ to the emails you normally get.

Their system might try to hide it from you to see if their algorithm was right. If you don’t mark it as Not Spam (or drag it to the Primary Tab or your Inbox) you won’t get the emails and content you’ve asked for. And that would be a shame ..

(and I also need to make sure your email address is correct otherwise it causes email delivery problems for everyone)

Thanks again, I’m really looking forward to helping you and hearing about what’s important to you. You can do that simply by replying to any email I send you.

Go find & click that confirmation link.