Making The Web 'Work'

I help people make more money by doing intelligent things online

Is The Web The Answer?

Since 1996 I have been working with the web helping to design, build and develop websites that deliver real value for people in business who wanted to be ‘on the web’.  Back then I was talking to people who didn’t even have email because they didn’t have a modem but they still wanted a website.  How times have changed.

These days due to the advances in technological capability, anyone can put a page or a site up on the web in an hour or two (sometimes minutes).   Only then do lots of people find out that on it’s own that isn’t enough.   That’s when people like me get a call or an email to help you make sense of the pieces so you can see how each bit involved affects or interacts with your business and it’s growth.

Starting from business basics – something to sell needs someone to buy – normally leads in to – How?
and with very few exceptions the ultimate ‘how’ is much.  How much will it cost to have what I need? (Which by the way is generally asked sometime after, How much will it cost to have what I ‘want’? 🙂 )

Anyway you try to dress it up, getting it right takes time and money.  The art is to find a natural and sustainable balance.  For example, give me an open cheque book and you can have an all singing and dancing ‘system’ that will rock the world but if you don’t have people who know who to use it to its full potential, is it worth it?

Likewise, some site designers will make your site look wonderful but because you didn’t get the right information and you didn’t know what to ask, you end up with ‘the site that’s about as much use as a chocolate fire-guard because it lacks functionality and it is difficult to integrate with.

If you want traffic you can get as much as you want but Who these days really cares about how many hits they get?  What everyone needs are people, who like what they see, buy and become lifelong clients.  The web is the tool that makes it possible and the way people use the web is changing.

Just being on the web these days isn’t enough.  You need to engage and interact across a wide variety of social mediums.