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Important:  This IS Your First Tip/Lesson

The irony of this lesson should not be lost on you but first and foremost, I want to say a massive Thank-You for your order

What is the lesson?

A: Nothing is certain – Read this whole page so you don’t miss out!

Let me explain:

The order system has just sent you three emails. 

The first is your invoice,

The second has your unique username and password so you can login and start watching your videos and …

The third is an invitation for you to accept some additional tips I’d like to send you but you will need to confirm you want the additional tips.  Just follow the instructions in that email 😉

This is an important bit of your first lesson

I expect that, you expect (especially as these training videos are all about improving your email delivery) that I should have no problems getting my emails delivered to you… Right?  

I wish!

Here’s a fact I learned a long time ago.  Sod’s Law frequently bites all email marketers on the butt, including me.

Even though I know I have ‘ticked all the right boxes’ and done all the technical stuff to prove I’m a legitimate email sender there is a small chance that your welcome emails could end up in your spam bin (See what I mean about irony?)

Keep an eye out for emails from “Kevin Polley”.  When you get your login details (which should be within 5 – 10 minutes depending on your email provider and how many emails they are trying to process right now) you will be able to login at the URL that is in the email or by using the form on this page.