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I help people make more money by doing intelligent things online

Why Clients Call Me

Kevin Polley

The simplest answer to the question ‘Why would you get in touch with me?” is … “Because I can help you solve a problem you’re having!”

OK .. I need to be a bit more specific …

if you need brain surgery or you want to learn how to become an astronaut I’m probably not the best person to ask 🙂 but .. if you need help with improving (or starting up) your business or an aspect of e-commerce then I can help you. And if I can’t do that personally… I know a specialist who can! I’ve been doing ‘this’ since 1999.

I specialise in email marketing (especially solving delivery problems), finding you customers and doing research but the common thread is … I understand ‘tech’ and how it can be pulled together to help you make more (or save) money.

From one person start-ups to big company board rooms, I work with and help people at all levels and experience.

I love teaching and helping people, I’ve written guides and produced training courses, I also speak at events.

Have a look round the site, download some of my free guides if you think they’ll help and when you’re ready … get in touch with me. There’s a form below or you can email personally me at: getintouch@