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I help people make more money doing smart things online

Why Clients Call Me

Kevin Polley

The simplest answer to the question ‘Why would you get in touch with me?” is … “Because I can help you solve a problem you’re having!”

OK .. I need to be a bit more specific …

if you need brain surgery or you want to learn how to become an astronaut I’m probably not the best person to ask 🙂 but .. if you need help with improving (or starting up) your business or an aspect of e-commerce then I can help you. And if I can’t do that personally… I know a specialist who can! I’ve been doing ‘this’ since 1999.

I specialise in email marketing (especially solving delivery problems), finding you customers and doing research but the common thread is … I understand ‘tech’ and how it can be pulled together to help you make more (or save) money.

From one person start-ups to big company board rooms, I work with and help people at all levels and experience.

I love teaching and helping people, I’ve written guides and produced training courses, I also speak at events.

Have a look round the site, download some of my free guides if you think they’ll help and when you’re ready … get in touch with me. There’s a form below or you can email personally me at: getintouch@