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Data is!

Data is so … basic.  Simple 1’s and 0’s.  Lot’s of them.  Strung in rows.  Like pearls of wisdom waiting to be looked upon in wonder and awe.

And then you get data protection and laws.

How did I get here?

Recap:  ecommerce led me into marketing.  Marketing led me into email-marketing.  email-marketing led me into copywriting.  Copywriting led me into conversions.  Improving conversions led me to testing and analytics. These provided the basis of my knowledge framework for selling things.

Simple 1’s and 0’s.  Lot’s of them.  Strung in rows.

If it helps think of lots of little cogs of different shapes and sizes and thickness that are the driving force that gets things done.  Your engine.

Now we need to put some fuel in our engine and start it.

This is still the recap:  The next cog needed (or module if that helps more,) was “traffic”.

Without traffic, there is nothing to test which means nothing to analyze.  Because there are no conversions.  Or not enough to make a statistically significant case either way.

Traffic is either free or paid.  In hindsight, paid would have provided insight quicker and a more profitable return over the long term.  But I was on a … budget.

Free traffic comes from SEO but SEO doesn’t come free.   SEO was and is 1’s and 0’s.  Copywriting and testing had led me to LSI. LSI led me to the Semantic Web in September 2008 when I said.

The more I think about it, the benefits & possibilities seem endless for any business that embraces the concept of the semantic web now and then gives genuine consideration for early adoption of best and common practice. You may already be on the right path and not even have realised.  (Making better sense of the sematic web)

The future was being mapped.  111

The recap is nearly finished:  Ecommerce and the Semantic Web led me to GoodRelations which meant computers could “understand” what a product actually was ‘instantly’.   Comparing it to the need to decode the 1’s and 0’s and then work out what to do with it.

Instantly you had a data pearl.  A wonderous pearl of wisdom that you could do anything with because it was a 1.  In its own right.

In its own right, it contains an unlimited number of other 1’s that can link to any other 1, in any order.  In the world of “Structured Data”, even a 0 has and is a value.    Now that computers see “things” not just ‘strings’, AI is among us and making choices for us that affect us.

Once the web has readable data, all data can be used to make connections between people, documents, products, places, times, events. Anything and everything. Everything is linked in some way to something else.  (In the same 2008 ramblings metioned above I also said this)

remember I’d also said

… give genuine consideration for early adoption of best and common practice.

So .. recap over.

How does all that relate to data protection laws and privacy laws?

So many 1’s that look like 0’s.

So many queries!

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