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The Indieweb – I’m taking control

Being a control freak I’ve never been that comfortable with with the rise of Facebook and the likes of Twitter, Google and a host of other companies that provide really useful services.  Being ‘old’ skool the only way to publish anything online (outside of BB’s) was to own your own domain.

There are more than enough reasons for anyone to have a concern about using these easy sites not least the question about who really owns your data, that stuff you write and post, I mean … did you really read the terms and cons (pun intended) before you signed up and started writing and sharing your pictures, photos and life with the world?

The Indieweb movement is about empowering you, me and others to take back control.

Whatever the reason, you’re done with sharecropping your content, your identity, your self.

Our content is becoming more important, and sometimes even critical to our lives. It is not secure in the hands of random ephemeral startups or big silos. We should be the holders of our own data.

So .. IF I’ve got this right this is my first article that will get POSSE’d and be capable of having you dear reader comment from where you read it and those comments appear back here on MY blog.

Lot’s more to learn, Lot’s to play with and many happy/frustrating hours tinkering ahead.  Stay tuned and join in the fun.

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